Recommended Apps for Translators

Translation is a key issue in our daily lives. It is often difficult to do it manually but applications help us do it efficiently. Before selecting an app, consider the price, language offered and the type of device that you are using.


Essential applications for translation



This is an application that you can get without paying for it. You are assured of translating as many languages as 90. It is very convenient to use as you don’t require to keep holding the screen to get your answer. It is also able to make the audio play slowly therefore minimal pronunciation errors.


Google Translate


This app is very simple to use. It is also able to add photos of various signs and have them translated into text. The application can do most of the translation without using the internet making it very convenient.




This is a perfect companion for travelers. It offers basic 23 languages for a monthly fee for translations on conversations or phrases. When you are not sure of what someone said in a foreign language, it will always get you covered.




This is an application mainly found in iPhones and iPad users. It has around 100 languages and can be changed from male to female voices when translating. It also provides a feature to make changes to the translations.




This application can be available either free of being bought. It is able to translate over 52 languages instantly.Voice translator free.This application can translate speech to text and the vice versa for over 50 languages making it very convenient. It is a good workhorse for instant translations.Microsoft Translator.This is an application that is very simple to use. It works offline and all that you need to do is to download the languages that you would prefer to translate and get going. It can support around 42 languages.




This application is very efficient mainly when you are doing one-word translations. The application can give a variety of meanings of a certain word, therefore, helps one to get a better understanding of a word in both languages.




This is the best application to translate messages. It is able to translate into different languages between the native language and other foreign languages.


Grammar Up


This a translation application that makes it possible for business-related speech. It facilitates one to negotiate with the client.

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Translate voice


This application is very convenient where typing is not possible, you can say a word and the phrases get translate aloud to the other person.